LeadNow’s Julia Pope Urges Pro-Democracy Movement

August 23, 2012


A pro-democracy movement is taking hold in Canada and it’s happening in opposition to the Harper government’s closed, anti-democratic actions and policies, LeadNow’s Julia Pope told the CAW Convention. She called it an event of alchemy, producing an unexpected result from an unlikely circumstance.

Pope is the strategic campaigns and communications director for LeadNow, a web community-based national organization with the objective of improving society by deepening democracy, advancing social justice, extending economic opportunity and protecting the planet.

LeadNow was formed prior to the May 2011 federal election and now has 150,000 members, and continues to grow.

Canadians want something different from their government, but they have lost trust in our institutions and those who run them. “Canadians no longer trust institutions to act in their best interest,” said Pope. She said for many, decisions are being made by people they don’t know, in rooms that are closed to them.

LeadNow has been working to build social cohesion through multi-platform campaigns, have attracted tens of thousands to events and forums and online actions.

LeadNow campaigns are designed to maximize a sense of solidarity. “We’ve found that Canadians are hungry for this experience,” said Pope. She said that in her experience, and that of her organization, millions of people are ready to be part of a new Canadian community – one that addresses climate change, rising inequality and a fractured social contract.

Recent successes have come around the federal crime omnibus bill and then the budgetary bill, which saw more than 100 locally-organized rallies across the country, for each campaign. It is this kind of energy that Pope believes is building the foundation for a non-partisan, pro-democracy movement. “We will win by becoming more collaborative and open, not more closed and hierarchical.”

For more information on LeadNow, please visit: http://www.leadnow.ca/ In French: http://www.leadnow.ca/fr/index


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