August 24, 2012


Resolutions submitted by various CAW local unions were debated and approved by convention delegates. These resolutions, in part, call for it to be resolved:

    • that newly organized workplaces elect their first committee for a two year term following the first round of bargaining in order to offset the next election from bargaining. The following term would revert back to three years as per the term of office requirements of the constitution, Article 34, Section 3;
    • that the CAW local union and workplace representatives are required to take the CAW week-long forty hour Human Rights Program;
    • that our union negotiate the immediate reinstatement of pension COLA in the 2012 contract negotiations;
    • that the CAW develop a plan for all workplace closure agreements to include:
      • continuation of automatic dues check off,
      • designate a person to handle retire benefit problems, etc.,
      • obtain a list of active and retired members’ addresses and telephone numbers;

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